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 Accepting Applications for this Year


  • What age group does this school accept?
    We have several programs that will work for you. We accept children ages 0-12. Please contact us for more information.
  • Is their financial assistance?
    Financial assistance may be available to help lower income families. This allows parents to focus on work or school knowing their child is in a healthy, caring environment Please click here to and follow the instructions on the form to submit for financial assistance.
  • What is the Educational Philosophy?
    Al-Wali has adopted the High Scope curriculum and implement it in its totality with our focus is to build a wholistic child. We provide a safe, nurturing and cognitively stimulating environment that is developmentally appropriate for all children. While in our care, your child will experience a continuum of growth and progress in social, emotional, cognitive, and intellectual development. Your child’s developmental needs are the basis for the learning experiences planned by our highly trained teachers and caregivers. These experiences serve to promote and foster the development of the whole child. We strive to cultivate: Autonomy Self-Awareness Respect for family, authority, and others Enthusiasm for exploration and learning
  • Does Al Wali accept all students?
    Al-Wali does not focus on one religion or ethnic background. We are an openminded facility and we accept everyone from all types of backgrounds.
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