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Dedicated & Certified

Riam Shareef Al-Wali Child Care Center

I am interim director at Al-Wali Child Care Center. I like to think of myself as dependable and sensitive to children’s needs. I’ve been a team member for 2 years working with families and children from infancy through age 12 years old. I’m deeply caring, nurturing and patient with children of all personality types and backgrounds.

Malaikah Saadiq Al-Wali GSRP

I live in Detroit Mi. I have a degree in Art and Early Childhood Development. I am the director of Al-Wali GSRP, Davison location. I found my passion in ECE and child development years ago. I grew to understand that our children’s mind is like sponges, they will soak up the good and the bad we give them with the best intentions.

Nada Obahi

An educator with a bachelor’s degree in early childhood education, with 6 years of experience. I am devoted and passionate to educate young minds by providing a positive, caring, and appropriate learning atmosphere.

Karlie Taylor

I'm a passionate and dedicated early learning teacher who has a deep love for nature and working with children. My inner child is still filled with joy and curiosity that kids have, and I believe in creating a fun and engaging learning environment for them. I enjoy incorporating nature into our activities, whether it's exploring the outdoors, gardening, or doing nature-inspired crafts. It brings me so much happiness to play with the children and watch them grow and learn.

Tanjida Kerina

I'm an enthusiastic early learning teacher who has a deep love for art and working with kids. I believe in creating a nurturing and inspiring environment where children can freely express themselves through drawing and other creative activities. I enjoy introducing them to different art techniques, colors, and materials, and watching their imaginations soar. Let's embark on this colorful journey together, where we can play, learn, and create beautiful works of art! 

Ghaida Farhan

I love being with kids that make work not feel like work. I’m also a good listener and patient. I’m a hardworking and I love working and helping others

Sameerah Saadiq

Sameerah Saadiq is a migrant from Louisville Kentucky, an educator of more than ten years, a wife of nineteen years, mother to five, and a fifth-year entrepreneur. After wrapping up her bachelor’s degree in Business Administration and Early Childhood Education, she went on to start an early learning center in Detroit Al-Wali Child Care Center. Dedicated to the success of families and community, she has opened her doors to many families in times of need. She could not do it alone, Sameerah was granted the Motor City Match award and partnered with Matrix Human Services CCP in 2016. Since inception, she has employed over 22 and has paid for multiple child development associate programs. Her team consist of full-time staff, community, and family support. Her plan is to continue to develop in Detroit and make the city better than she found it almost 20 years ago.

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